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Are you a property owner, project manager, property developer or a construction company owner currently searching for reputable demolition services? We at Next Day Demolition are available to help. We provide a full range of residential and commercial demolition services to meet your current or future project needs. From initial contact to final cleanup, our Baltimore, Maryland demolition team engage in safe, efficient practices.

Our High-Quality Demolition Services in Baltimore, Maryland

Demolition work is complex and messy. Without proper training, engaging in demolition procedures can be extremely dangerous for you and your property. Our Next Day Demolition experts are well-trained, knowledgeable professionals.

Minimizing the impact on your property, we equip our crew with the highest grade equipment, tools, and machinery. We understand the importance of your project. Following all safety protocols, we never cut corners. Helping you get the work done on time and within budget is always our main priority.

Free Estimate

Gathering all the details of your demolition needs, we begin each job with a free estimate. Knowing each job is different; our staff uses this time to evaluate your situation.


Prior to beginning your project, we at Next Day Demolition obtain the necessary permits for the job. Acquiring permits is part of our customer satisfaction guarantee. Providing you a stress and hassle free experience is our commitment to you. We also check local ordinances and restrictions to ensure proper removal.

Our Comprehensive Demolition Services

Our demolition crew is made up of experienced, prompt, friendly professionals. We believe in delivering high-end results. If you do not see your exact needs on the list below, please contact us. We will work with you to achieve your personal or commercial project’s goal.

  • Homes, Mobile Homes, Apartment Complex Demolition
  • Barns, Garages, Sheds or Other Outdoor Building Demolition
  • Commercial Buildings, Malls, Warehouses, Multi-Level Buildings, or High-Rise Building Demolition
  • Factories or Other Industrial Site Demolition
  • Government Facility Demolition
  • Pool Removal
  • Concrete or Asphalt Removal
  • Site or Vacant Lot Clearing

We at Next Day Demolition believe there is no job too small or too large for us to handle. From beginning to end, we will work to exceed your expectations for high-quality customer service.

Emergency Services

In addition to planned projects, another form of our high-quality demolition services is emergency cleanup. Storms, fires, floods and other natural disasters may leave large amounts of debris behind. Our highly-skilled staff will efficiently clear areas for utility restoration, emergency crews, and rebuilding efforts.

Our experience enables us to work closely with your insurance company, adjuster, inspector or other building officials. Allowing for quick results, we want to help you restore your residential or commercial property.

Efficient Cleanup

Regardless of your demolition choice, our Baltimore, Maryland demolition contractors provide top-notch cleanup services. We remove all the leftover debris and rubble from your site. Engaging in environmentally friendly practices, we recycle any usable materials.

Wood, concrete, metal, and pipes are high on our list for recycling. Reducing our landfill needs, the process actually saves us money and helps the environment. We collect and dispose of any remaining debris in accordance with local, state, and federal guidelines.

Along with demolition, we are able to provide top-notch excavation services. If needed, we are able to grade and prep the site to meet your building contractor’s specifications.

Are you ready for your free estimate? Do you need more information about our services from our experienced demolition company? Please contact us at Next Day Demolition today. Assessing your project’s needs, we will develop a plan action.