Searching for trusted demolition contractors to tear down your old garage, clean up a fire-damaged home, or perform a partial demolition on your property?

We’re Next Day Demolition, your local, experienced Rockville, Maryland demolition contractors. We’re proud to provide you with fast, reliable demolition services that are done right, the first time, no matter how big or small your demolition project is.

We help homeowners, property managers, and Realtors who need to a demolition contractor they can count on to perform every single step in the demolition process with speed and accuracy. And because we understand that you simply can wait days for help when you have a dangerous structure to deal with, we promise to provide you with a clear, custom quote for your job within just one day.

Fire Demolition and Site Remediation

If your home or rental property has been impacted by a fire, we’re here to help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible. We work closely with fire officials, building inspectors, and insurance adjusters to get the permission we need to move forward with the clean-up work without delay.

Our team of highly skilled demolition contractors understand that fire demolition work involves multiple hazards that require extra attention to detail, so we take the time to carefully plan out the project in advance.

We also understand that there may still be salvageable items inside your fire-damaged home such as photos, a treasured piece of furniture, or other irreplaceable items – that’s why we do our best to recover any items that you may want to salvage before we tear the structure down.

And because we’re committed to leaving our worksites safe and ready to use, our fire demolition services include removal of all the debris from your property, saving you the trouble of hiring a separate junk hauler to clean up after the demolition work is completed.

Shed and Garage Demolition

Having a dilapidated, broken-down, or storm-damaged shed or garage on your property isn’t just an eyesore, it’s an easy target for graffiti, vandalism, and even arsonists. Worse yet, most insurance policies won’t cover buildings that are no longer in good condition, leaving you open to liability claims if someone gets hurt on your property.

Here at Next Day Demolition, our team has the specialized equipment and know-how it takes to quickly and efficiently remove any unwanted structure from your property. Whether you have an old playhouse that your kids have outgrown, a baby barn that’s beyond repair, or even a swimming pool that needs to go, give us a call for your free quote today.

Commercial Demolition Contractors in Rockville, Maryland

As the preferred provider of commercial and industrial demolition services in Montgomery County, we’re committed to completing your demolition project with speed, accuracy, and attention to detail.

As a full-service Montgomery County, Maryland demolition company, we take care of all the planning, site inspections, permits, and insurance that’s needed to tear down your unwanted building in a way that prevents unwanted damage and minimizes any disruption to your business. If traffic diversion is needed, we have in-house traffic control experts who can arrange a temporary road closure around your demolition site.

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